You to definitely pizza is pleasing to the eye and i also like pizza pie you could bend and you can consume – EA PLAY – ZGARNIJ KARTE

You to definitely pizza is pleasing to the eye and i also like pizza pie you could bend and you can consume

You to definitely pizza is pleasing to the eye and i also like pizza pie you could bend and you can consume

I absolutely want to make a visit to Connecticut and you may wade to Pizza Entire world. Wait, was not that name of added Doll Facts? LMAO. I am lifeless.

They have eerily similar mannerisms and you can speech activities. The actual only real huge difference is the fact opisy cybermen Jaswinder knew just who the brand new hell Chris was. Jeff even offers Chris a slice out of pizza at the end. I imagined which had been really sweet away from Jeff.

Therefore Jeff will get detained and i saw his goddamn interrogation video clips. For the very fuckin prevent Jeff was adamant he performed little wrong. It absolutely was visitors else’s blame. Jeff is a good fuckin prick, but rather out of shutting their fuckin lips and you may requesting a lawyer, he made a decision to talk and also have himself on a great deal more issues. I guess the guy noticed he could cam himself out of the charges, however, he finished up burying himself when you look at the an effective ration away from shit.

Now, for real, There isn’t an excellent fuckin doctorate into the therapy, but shit, it doesn’t simply take that come across Jeff clearly features sociopathic tendencies

The detective was not that have any kind of Jeff’s shit. All types from dispute you to Jeff attempted to bring to the fresh dining table, Brand new Detective try crushing it. Such as for instance Jaswinder, Jeff claimed that “people do not understand what we are able to have seen” and Detective kept putting they off as the “That is not typical.”

New Detective: So that you was basically probably go lower right here and marry a great thirteen yr old lady together with her mother’s consent?

The guy also offers is a registered sex offender for ten age

Again, such as for example Jaswinder, fuckin Jeff leftover informing The fresh new Detective to see exactly what he was gonna create on girl first just before “bouncing so you’re able to conclusions”. The fresh Detective closed your down once again. There’s a casino game from psychological warfare happening ranging from those individuals one or two, and also the interrogation are silver for it. Jeff try a totally revolting waste from fresh air. Jeff merely acted as though he was therefore slick and no body might take him off.

Jeff in the course of time had 29 weeks from inside the prison and you will a dangling 10 seasons phrase. It is a country mile off off he had been meant to features. I believe Jeff are a sociopath. Really don’t have fun with that term softly. The guy wasn’t an effective psychopath like Todd Spikes, but he had been bound to leave one Bailey’s business shattered! However have remaining this lady brokenhearted and you can left so you can pass away. Into the most avoid Jeff cared no more than Jeff and no one otherwise. The guy required a round into the fuckin head.

JEFF SOKOL You FUCKIN Ill FUCKIN COCKSUCKIN Kid From An excellent Cunt. You Made an effort to Impact And you may BRAINWASH An effective thirteen Seasons Girl Upcoming Your Made an effort to Get The girl Mom’s PERMISSON So you can Get married The lady Very You could Fuck The lady Over? You need Their Golf balls Chopped off They will not Really works Anyway You GODDAMN SCHMUCK. I really hope You Drown In HELL’S Water From Eternal Flames You COCKSUCKIN Child Of A beneficial Bitch!! Burn When you look at the Heck NARCISSISTIC FUCKER.

Jeff provides seeking an effective way to aim for her toward chat, even though I do believe it was the girl seated throughout the ebony home dressed in the latest bullet proof vest that was messaging in order to him. She is not getting on the talk, bruh. Lol. Ignore it.

The two overlooked each other that evening. Jeff got a plumbing thing and you will spoke towards cellular telephone so you can certain girl exactly who seemed much over the age of thirteen and you may sounded Little eg Worried Nellie. Hahah. Here

Jeff very first thought Chris are Bailey’s father, but then altered their tune and you can pegged Chris to own the police. The guy reported he is actually apprehensive, yet , requested a hug. Thanks to this I do not eg pedos. This is why. He groomed and you can manipulated their method on Bailey’s center. He should have fuckin .40 cal round in the.

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